The wonders of object detection systems


Do you know a sensor that provides ideal detection for all applications?

Uneven objects, transparent surfaces, perforated products, rubber, etc. These are all applications requiring sensors of different prices, budgets and sizes. Not anymore!

Sick has successfully commercialized a sensor that includes all the essential technologies in a single box.

Benefits of W16 and W26 sensors

1- A set of blue LEDs installed on the top of the sensor allows to quickly know the quality of the signal. Installation with a retroreflector then becomes a simple thing even for long distances.

2- A potentiometer makes it easy to manage the distance of capture. Plus, it’s merged with a learning twist. It’s finally possible to have the best of both worlds. Accurate, step-by-step adjustment or quick learning to go from a short to a long distance in one second.

3- The detection of transparent, semi-transparent, opaque or metallic products such as bottles or aluminum foil may require several sensors and generate expenses that are no longer necessary. The same potentiometer offers, in the WLG16P model, a learning choice by material. Therefore, you only need one sensor for several materials.

4- A line-shaped light spot in the WTL16P model offers ease of capture even when working with a perforated product. Still, physically, the same case meets a totally different need.

5- Communication via IO-Link allows you to get a continuous reading of your sensor. You can retrieve information such as signal quality, hours of use, sensor temperature, and more. You can also send information to adjust the remote sensor. In addition, the settings are stored in memory. So if you have to change the sensor, no need to reconfigure! In other words, the IO-Link communication system takes care of everything.

6- The WTB16P is a background suppression model that tolerates a 5% detection angle. No more misalignment.

7- TwinEye technology offers the ability to detect bright and uneven objects. Sick surprises us with the WTS16P, by doubling the number of internal sensors.

Blue LED indicates the signal quality
Light spot for easy capture
TwinEye detecting different characteristics

En résumé

  • Technologies: ClearSens, LineSpot, TwinEye with OptoFilter
  • BluePilot: Optical alignment aid, adjustment of the sensing range via Teach-Turn adjustment with optical sensing range indicator or via IO-Link
  • PinPoint LED: Light-intensive red sender LED
  • Smart Sensor: Enhanced Sensing, IO-Link, Diagnostics, Smart Tasks

As an authorized distributor of Sick, all Electromag representatives have demonstrators on hand to come and present in person the advantages of the W16 and W26 photoelectric sensors. Taking the time to know this new jewel will save you a lot of headaches.

In the meantime, here’s a promotional video (french!) of the detectors and the links to the selection page by specs:



Démo W16/W26 de Sick