Mitsubishi industrial robots

The robots of the different ranges of Mitsubishi offer unmatched accuracy, speed and ease of integration. Available in the following configurations: Vertical, Horizontal (SCARA), Ceiling (Ultra-Fast) and Micro (Small). They include most standard characteristics and have several options to stand out in the robotics market. With these features, Mitsubishi robots are an excellent choice for many industries.

Vertical robots - F Series

Vertical robots are available in ISO3 clean room, IP40, IP67, also in food grade and / or chemical resistant. The payloads range from 2 kg to 70 kg with reach ranging from 504 mm to 2050 mm.


Horizontal SCARA robots - F series

SCARA robots are available in ISO3 clean room, IP20, IP65 versions, also in food grade and / or chemical resistant. The payloads range from 1 kg to 20 kg with reach ranging from 150 mm to 1000 mm.


Micro robots - RP series

The robots of the RP series, dedicated to micromanipulation, are compact and incredibly precise. They are the units of choice for tasks requiring speed and precision. The series includes three different models for applications with lifting forces from 1 to 5 kg.


Ceiling-mounted SCARA robots - RH-FHR series

SCARA’s space-saving (inverted / ceiling mounted) robots are designed to deliver the same high-speed performance as a floor-mounted model, making them well suited for high-speed applications where space is minimal.


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