Maximum performance

Electro-Mag offers a wide range of automation solutions and specific products used to support applications in all industries, even the most advanced.

Our wide range of products includes industrial components, sensors, image processing, power supplies, and automation components.

  • Relays & programmable logic relays
  • Speed regulators & soft starters
  • Push buttons and selectors
  • Energy management
  • Circuit protection
  • Power protection
  • Industrial remote controls
  • Meters & display units
  • And more…

PLCs, pushbuttons, switches, contactors, signal converters and isolators, soft starter, operator interfaces, timers, programmable relays, interface relays, disconnectors and fuses disconnectors, servomotors, AC drive, DC drive

PLCs, operator interfaces, programmable relays, servomotors and AC drive

Power supplies, terminal blocks, sensor cables, connectivity, signal converters and isolators, circuit breakers, ferrules, tools, interface relays and terminals

Timers, voltage and current relays, solid state relays

beacons, horns, signal towers, terminal blocks, pushbuttons, contactors, soft starters, circuit breakers, overload relays, disconnectors and fuse disconnectors

Distribution blocks, cables and wires, sensor and terminal cables

Fuses and fuse holders

Fuses and fuse holders

Motor controls, speed regulators, and automation

Control Transformer, Power Transformer and Line Reactor

Actuators, shutter motors

Programmable clocks, timers, plug-in relays, interface relays

Counters / totalizers and programmable clocks

Limit switches, miniature switches, precision switches, cable switches and magnetic switches

Fuses, fuse holders, european fuses

Polycarbonate enclosures

Electronic enclosures, metallic enclosures, non-metallic enclosures, thermoregulation of cabinets

Motor controls and condition display units