Let’s take the time to let you know a woman who succeeds in improving the customer experience by her professionalism and dynamism.


When you have more than 10 years of experience in the industrial field, you can really identify the essential needs of the companies here.

It is thanks to this great understanding that Nathalie impresses the vast majority of clients who come into contact with her.

With a technique in plastics, experience in research and development, internships in companies and experience in quality control, Nathalie is the expert with whom to work.

Since 2016, its contribution to the success of our role as distributor continues to grow.

  • Reception and shipping
  • Production Officer
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Mechanical designer
  • Purchase
  • Customer service
  • Real-time communication agent

Here is the list of positions where she has managed to shine Electromag to your home: Our customers.

Nathalie is now in charge of real-time discussions on our website, pneumatic orders, CAD design of SaTech Safety guards and some major accounts.

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