The VHS Series at SMC is a manual shutoff valve for your pneumatic system.

Pneumatic safety is essential in the workplace. It should not be complicated, expensive or difficult to use.

Here are 5 reasons to choose the VHS series for your next application.

  1. The valve is OSHA certified allowing you to distribute your equipment in the United States. It also holds RoHS certification . These certifications allow maximum flexibility in your system.
  2. locking hole is available on each side of the valve giving you greater access flexibility. In addition, two people will be able to padlock the valve simultaneously without danger.
  3. viewing window provides visibility to see if the instrument is in supply mode or ready to purge residual air mode.


  1. The VHS series with its resin handle cover is 60% lighter than the full aluminum model. Ideal for any mobile application.
  2. The VHS manual stop valve with locking holes can be combined with FRL blocks easily. The modular possibilities reduces space and improves appearance at no additional cost.


Safer, lighter, modular, easy to use and certified. 5 reasons to try the SMC VHS Series.

Ask us to include the SMC VHS Series manual shut off on your next order.

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