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Mitsubishi variable frequency drives

Mitsubishi frequency inverters come in several ranges, each offering a solution tailored to your needs. They allow easy control of three-phase or IPM induction motors. From commercial applications to complex industrial installations, Mitsubishi’s VFDs are among the best-selling in the world.

The first in a series of 3 articles featuring the main models offered:


The flagship inverter solution. The FR-A800 series offers the best in many ways: performance, precision, versatility and flexibility. In addition, it is equipped with an easy-to-use housing that complies with safety standards.


The most advanced and powerful VFD solution from Mitsubishi Electric is found in the FR-A800 frequency inverters. Successor to the FR-A700 series, it allows optimal control of torque and speed. Whether you need a single-component solution or large-capacity engine control centers, the FR-A800 is designed to simplify your set-up. Its many built-in features allow it to adapt to all your challenges. It is perfect for performing simple tasks such as heavy duty hoists, cranes and presses, but performs equally well when required for more complex applications such as coordinated multi-axis displacement, load-balancing conveyors and gantry lifts. Like the other drives manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, the 800 series continues the tradition of maintenance-free operation and excellent service life. Mitsubishi Electric’s VFDs are world renowned for their excellent reliability, performance and outstanding efficiency.


The series is compatible with previous models, FR-A700. Simply use the configuration software “Configurator2” to copy the parameters with ease.


Main features

  • Safe Torque Off (STO) safety functions according to EN61800-5-2
  • Advanced magnetic flux vector control
  • Smart energy optimization
  • Attenuation of mechanical resonances
  • Anti-regeneration function
  • Automatic restart in case of instantaneous power failure

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