LBK Security system

The first volumetric radar certified SIL2 / Pld as a security system. Thanks to its unique features, it transforms industrial automation by increasing safety without compromising productivity.

Security and productivity

Optical devices often fail because of dust, smoke, water or waste generated by the production process. The Inxpect team, highly specialized in radar technology, has developed a 24 GHz radar algorithm that filters these disturbances, reduces false alarms and increases productivity.

Easy configuration

The LBK system consists of an LBK-C22 control unit and up to six LBK-S01 sensors. The maximum depth of the monitored area is 4m (13′). The system configuration is quick and easy, with the user-friendly Inxpect security app. Guided validation procedures and the generation of the configuration report complete the installation.

Field of detection

Each LBK-S01 sensor in the LBK system can be programmed independently of the others to cover a wide or narrow detection field. The actual covered area of each sensor depends on the installation height and inclination.

Protects the operator. Resists smoke, water and dust.

The LBK system is the perfect solution where light curtains,
laser barriers and safety mats are lacking efficacy.

It provides two security functions:
• detection: prevents access to hazardous areas, setting machines to safe conditions when someone enters the danger zone.
• restart prevention: prevents unexpected startup or restart of machines as long as there are people in the danger zone.

Examples of applications:
robotized areas, food industry, dangerous machines, handling equipment, packaging machines, construction of special machines.


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