Herkules 2E microwave motion detector


The Herkules 2E is an advanced logical motion sensor with proven radar. It is designed and manufactured by BBC Bircher Smart Access.

The Herkules 2E HF Radar Detector was developed to detect motion and thus distinguish between humans and vehicles in front of industrial, sectional, rolling, sliding and accordion doors. Because of its ability to sense the direction of motion, it reduces energy consumption and achieves optimal flow by suppressing cross-traffic and, in effect, avoiding untimely opening.

Characteristics of the detector

Electromagnetic radar microwaves

Using exceptionally high frequency 24 GHz electromagnetic radar microwaves, the Herkules 2E Doppler motion detector is used to detect moving objects, regardless of their temperature.

Frequency detection

People or objects in motion (moving at a speed of at least 10 cm/s) change the balance between the frequency transmitted and the frequency received. This difference between the frequencies is then evaluated and transmitted as an electrical pulse. As a result, almost all moving objects are detectable.

Great compatibility

With a detection height of up to seven meters, it is suitable for almost all types of industrial doors. In addition, its detection zone, configurable as needed, allows a great possibility of application. Its temperature range of -30 ° C to +60 ° C, ambient relative humidity of 0% to 95% and finally, its protection rating IP65, allows its use in all seasons.

Easy to install

The extremely user-friendly installation of the Herkules 2E HF Radar Detector is quick and easy. Easy programming with two separate outputs provides flexibility in each application. Finally, there is the pulse function for the output, which notably increases its versatility.

In summary

  • Immediate reaction time, ideal for industrial doors with very fast opening
  • Many possibilities of use for heights of 2 to 7 m
  • Temperature of use ranging from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • Convenient presets for different doors and applications
  • Multiple evaluation possibilities for people and vehicles
  • Direction detection and suppression of cross traffic

Finally, the optional RegloBeam 2 bidirectional remote control is available as an option. It allows the Herkules 2E to be quickly and fully configured from the ground and set up according to the situation.


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