Microwave motion and AIR presence detector


The Helios 2T Industrial Door Detector combines two types of detection. It is an AIR presence detector (active infrared) coupled with a radar motion detector. It is intended for doors up to 6 meters high.

User friendly

Mobile app

The new Helios 2T is easy to configure via mobile application. This application is available for free under IOS and Android. It has a clear interface and is translated into 7 languages.

Fast and easy installation

The compact detector has fixing screws on the side of the housing and a clearly visible scale. Together, they allow precise positioning of AIR and radar fields independently of each other. In addition, it also includes a plug-in connection cable that simplifies installation. On the device, an LED ring acts as optical feedback and permanently indicates the state of its operation.


Adapting flexibly according to application

Each application has its own requirements. The Helios 2T door sensor responds to these with flexible positioning and possible extension of the detection fields. For example, the different AIR points can be activated or deactivated via the application. An optional warning device is available and connectable thanks to its additional auxiliary output. When a vehicle is located in the anticipated detection field in front of the building, the Helios 2T activates a connected warning light. The latter warns even before opening the door of the arrival of the vehicle to prevent possible collisions.


Energy saving functions

Lengthy door opening times leads to a large consumption of energy in industrial buildings. The Helios 2T offers three features designed to significantly reduce energy waste in the building: cross-traffic suppression, object recognition and direction detection. Cross-traffic suppression and direction detection avoid trigger errors caused by factors such as vehicles operating in the sensing field. Object recognition, on the other hand, redirects people who do not have to go through the big door to side doors.

Possible applications

Automatic opening and presence detection on industrial doors.

Activation of industrial doors by persons and vehicles.

High-speed doors in logistics and temperature-sensitive door systems.

Collision warning from an early detection signal.

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