SaTech Safety Guarding is the most effective modular guarding system in North America.

This product is the #1 choice by our customers for many reasons;

Installation time reduced by 25%

Compare SaTech to traditional guarding systems and you will see a reduction in your installation time. This reduction is achieved thanks to the development of the CLIP. A patented product that complies with EN ISO 14120 which allows an optimization of the installation time. This accessory has been developed to facilitate the installation and adjustment of panels.


Meet the requirements of global safety standards

You will be reassured to know that the fencing, poles and related accessories meet the required safety standards. Here is a link to the manufacturer’s website where you will be able to see all the applicable standards :


Clean and professional Installation

For machinery manufacturers, the posts, fencing and accessories are made to the highest quality standard ensuring that your guarding components are the same from one order to another. For end users, the ease of installation and complete flexibility of the product will allow for a quick and efficient assembly.


Ease of Ordering

Just send us a sketch of your project with a layout and dimensions and we will promptly provide a complete proposal with a 2D drawing for your approval. We can also provide you with CAD files so you can easily add it to your project file.

If you are using safety guarding, We strongly advise you to think about SaTech when planning your future projects.


How to get more information about SaTech


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