blog/SICK 2D lidar sensors

blog/SICK 2D lidar sensors

2D LiDAR sensors are compact and economical devices, they can be used for a wide range of applications. Their HDDM + technologies ensure reliable presence monitoring, simultaneous localization and detection of objects without reducing the maximum availability of the machine. the rotatable M12 male connector allows a lot of flexibility when installing the sensor and makes it the most compact of its kind. The TiM2xx allows you to monitor an area of up to 200 m². It transmits data in real time via its integrated Ethernet interface, allowing simple integration into industrial control. SOPAS, engineering tool and standard telegram also ensures simple configuration.

In short
• Fast measurement data output via Ethernet interface
• Working range up to 10 m with focused opening angle
• Distance measurement with fine angular resolution and HDDM + technology
• Configuration via SOPAS ET and standard telegram
• Compact and lightweight plastic housing
• Low power consumption (typ. 2.9 W)

Your advantages
• Quick installation and commissioning
• Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
• Reliable object detection and maximum machine availability
• Simple and transferable configuration
• Small space required and easy machine integration thanks to small dimensions and rotary male connector
• Particularly well suited for use in battery vehicles

Application areas
• Presence control in warehouses
• Overhang and height detection
• Applications on the order preparation workstation
• Collision prevention for driverless vehicles and machines
• Monitoring of doors and gates


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TiM1xx from SICK



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