Measuring light curtains – SpaceScan 02

Measuring light curtains – SpaceScan 02

Good to measure logs, control your levels and more!

SpaceScan 02 is ideal for level control in hoppers of plastic pellets, dry foods like rice, cereals, etc., maybe even the level of ink or other liquid in a plastic tank, assuming that the distance to be covered is less than 10 meters.



Measuring light curtains – SpaceScan 02



Here is an example of a brand new end-user being a cigarette manufacturer. In this application, the tobacco is fed by a metering tube supplying the dose of tobacco in a chopper. In order for the machine to operate at optimum efficiency, it is important to maintain the level of raw material in the feed metering tube dozer.

Previously, the customer had installed 3 sets of thru beam sensors that were going through a transparent glass window and then through the tube. The accumulation of tobacco dust inside the window often blocked the sensors and the accuracy was limited because there were only 3 detection points, leaving little room for maneuver.

Since then, this client has installed the SpaceScan 02 and thanks to the analog output, the accuracy has improved considerably. Sensors inside Telco’s SpaceScan 02 are less clogged and can even operate if clogged with dust. Raw material flow is maintained at optimal rate with more accurate real-time tracking, improving production efficiency and overall business efficiency. So far, they have installed 5 sets and plan to install 5 more.

You can always lean towards our new sensing mode with the «Time-of-Flight» for more measurement solutions in a diffuse proximity that can cover 15 meters.


Main characteristics:
  • 0-10 metre sensing range
  • 12 to 384 channels (parallel beams)
  • Available with channel spacing of 5, 10 or 20 mm
  • Active length of 225 mm to 1920 mm
  • Housing length of 300 mm to 1980 mm
  • Plug connection
  • 18-30 V dc supply voltage
  • Power, output and system status indicators
  • 33×36 mm aluminium housing with T-slot mounting
  • High tolerance to hostile environments
  • RS-485 serial communication
  • Up to 4 digital outputs with software configurable functions
  • Analogue output 4-20 mA and 0-10 V with software
  • PC software for programmable configuration and monitoring


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Telco website

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