SICK VMS4x00 / 5x00 tracking and tracing system

SICK VMS4x00 / 5x00 tracking and tracing system


The VMS4x00 / 5x00 tracking and tracing system is ideal for demanding applications in the field of non-contact dynamic measurement and position determination of objects on a wide range of conveyor systems. It accurately determines objects using one or more laser measuring heads, regardless of the shape of the object. In addition, with the certified system variant, dimension data can be used for billing purposes. The SIM2000 system controller enables the separation of metrologically important software from application-specific software. The modular construction of the system ensures compatibility with existing SICK solutions and allows adaptations to customer-specific applications.


In short:

  • Measuring accuracy up to 5mm x 5mm x 2mm
  • Object sizes up to 5,500 mm x 1,600 mm x 1,100 mm
  • Transport speed up to 4.0 m / s
  • Certified according to MID and NTEP (OIML)
  • Point cloud output option
  • Separation of metrologically relevant software and application-specific software
  • Dynamic scale value


Your benefits

  • Accurate billing thanks to reliable measurement accuracy

  • Reliable object data forms the basis for the exact calculation of transport costs. Thanks to the measurement accuracy, the Track and Trace VMS5x00 system provides accurate data in all dimensions up to 5mm x 5mm x 2mm. Transport costs can be posted in this way and incorrectly declared goods can be correctly recalculated.
  • The system is certified for the European market according to the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and for the American market according to NTEP (OIML).
  • The dynamic switching of the scale values allows the automatic adaptation of the tolerances defined according to the dimensions of the object. This will increase the sizing rate.
  • Thanks to software separation, the metrologically relevant information is independent of the application-specific software component. This allows flexible and individualized adaptation to customer requirements without recertification.
  • Optimal performance for the highest demands
  • The VMS4x00 / 5x00 track and trace system enables dynamic, non-contact in-line measurement of almost any object shape, even at high speeds. This optimizes the material flow, thus saving time and money. In addition, the system processes the acquired data and transmits it for further processing.
  • Accurate measurement and monitoring at maximum speed
  • Flat objects such as book and letter deliveries with a height of at least 20mm can be measured for billing purposes.
  • As a system controller, the SIM2000 sensor integration machine summarizes the measured values in a point cloud.
  • Reliable measurements at conveyor belt speeds of up to 4.0 m / s.
  • Higher tempo, more throughput: the VMS4x00 / 5x00 measures objects with the highest possible accuracy, even at high speeds.



  • Inbound and outbound goods in retail and warehousing
  • Material handling process in the CEP industry
  • Invoicing process in the CEP industry
  • Storage process in storage and conveying systems


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