Inspector P62x from SICK

Inspector P62x from SICK



The Inspector P62x is an easy-to-use, compact and versatile all-in-one machine vision sensor. Its built-in optical learning autofocus and flexible lighting system delivers high-quality images right out of the box. The SensorApp application included and pre-installed in the sensor welcomes expert and non-expert users to assist them in configuring the sensor in no time using an accessible and intuitive web user interface. As it is hosted on SICK AppSpace, the Inspector P62x allows further expansion or replacement of functionality through a growing collection of SICK Nova or SensorApps tools from SICK AppPool, or through custom development if required.


In short:

• Quality inspection sensor included and preinstalled
• Availability of models with preinstalled Intelligent Inspection SensorApp
• Compact and robust IP65 housing with swivel connector
• Powerful LEDs, high quality lens and autofocus learning
• Wide variety of communication interfaces
• Runs compatible SICK AppSpace SensorApps applications
• Programmable with SICK AppStudio



• Online quality control in the production of parts, assemblies or products
• Inspection and measurement of details of parts and assemblies


Your advantages:

• Ready to solve machine vision tasks right out of the box
• Suitable for small spaces and tight angles
• All-in-one design for simple stand-alone operation
• Industrial communication and digital I / O enable flexible system integration
• Easy start for anyone with the included and preinstalled quality inspection app
• Extend or replace functionality with a growing collection of SICK Nova tools, or SensorApps from SICK AppPool, or through custom development
• SICK AppSpace, the SICK algorithm library and HALCON offer exceptional flexibility


To see the detailed product sheet:


To see Inspector P62x in action:

Machine vision solution for easy quality inspection in factory automation | SICK AG

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