The solution to avoid overheating

The solution to avoid overheating

How to avoid heat failures

Heat, on a beautiful summer day, is enveloping and relaxing. In an enclosure filled with expensive electronic equipment, it can become a stress factor.

An enclosure or cabinet that overheats can bring a lot of problems. High temperatures can eventually damage the parts. Ultimately, it will be necessary to perform more maintenance to keep equipments in good working condition. Fortunately, there are solutions to help evacuate the heat and filter the ambient air inside the cabinets.

Finder filter fans (7F series) ensure the performance of the components installed in the cabinets by maintaining a constant temperature inside them.



 Advantages :

  • Easily replaceable filter mat
  • Very low acoustic noise
  • Minimal depth within enclosure
  • Time-saving installation and maintenance
  • Protection category IP54




Characteristics :

7F2081201020 Size 1 – 120x120mm 24m3/h
7F0200001000 Exhaust filter size 1  
7F2081202055 Size 2 – 155x155mm 55m3/h
7F0200002000 Exhaust filter size 2  
7F2081203100 Size 3 – 209x209mm 100m3/h
7F0200003000 Exhaust filter size 3  



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