Hygienic for any application

In all places where many people are found, germs and other pathogens proliferate. A multitude of bacteria and viruses, some dangerous, are spread by touching contact surfaces, especially handles. In health institutes, the risk is particularly great. In the gastronomy and other catering sectors, very strict hygiene standards apply.

CleanSwitch makes it possible to open doors without contact, hygienically by making a gesture in the detection zone, adjustable from 10 to 50 centimeters. The spread of germs is thus avoided. Sleek and equipped with LED lighting, CleanSwitch fits easily into its environment. The activation switch is operational in a few minutes and can be installed on the recessed sockets on sale in the trade. The front face is particularly resistant and can be cleaned with the surface disinfectants usually used in hospitals. With its degree of protection IP65, CleanSwitch can be used without any problem in particularly wet.


Your advantages

  • Hygiene
  • Easy assembly
  • Customization


Reliable for any application

Hospitals, clinics, retirement homes
•Thanks to its easy activation and without contact, CleanSwitch avoids any contact with handles often heavily contaminated. CleanSwitch is cleans with all disinfectants from
surface and usual cleaning products. High contrast LED lighting allows for easy to locate the switch.

Public sanitary spaces
•CleanSwitch allows contactless opening automatic access doors to public sanitary spaces while preventing the spread of bacteria and other pathogens.

Catering areas
•CleanSwitch operates the door on a simple gesture. It allows access to the
kitchen only when needed. CleanSwitch thus offers staff service a practical solution and
hygienic to open the doors.


To obtain more information on these products, communicate directly with our representatives, they will be able to advise you in order to optimize your installations!

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