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Sensors 3D-LiDAR

3D-LiDAR | PeopleCounter


Anonymous and reliable counting of people

The PeopleCounter person counter is a solution developed by SICK which enables the differentiation of people and objects over wide detection fields. Based on the hardware of the 3D LiDAR MRS1000 sensor which generates measurement data in the form of a point cloud, the integrated SensorApp processes the data. PeopleCounter reliably identifies people by their outlines. This way, only people are counted and objects are not counted. Its four scanners detect the direction of movement of people thanks to the recognition of the contours of the head and shoulders by the SensorApp. The operation takes place without recording any data specific to individuals, in order to guarantee the anonymity of individuals.e aux personnes, de manière à garantir l'anonymat des individus.

Your advantages

• Anonymous counting of people in public spaces
• Real-time space occupancy reading
• Reliable identification of the direction of movement of people in the entry  and exit area
• Reliable differentiation between people and objects: people are detected and objects are ignored based on their outlines
• Quick and easy commissioning

In short

• Precise output of measured data via telegrams and digital outputs
• Intuitive user interface for the representation and configuration of the application
• Wide opening angle and four positions of the MRS1000
• Shoulder-head-shoulders contour detection
• Pre-programmed application, specific to the application, based on a 3D-LiDAR sensor

Application areas

• Shopping centers
• Airports
• Museums
• Cruise ships
• Theme parks
• Railway stations
• Trade fairs
• Concerts

To view the animation, click on the following link:


To view the tutorials:

Tutorial MRS1000 PeopleCounter (Part 1 of 3): How-to-Setup | SICK AG

Tutorial MRS1000 PeopleCounter (Part 2 of 3): How-to-Setup | SICK AG

Tutorial MRS1000 PeopleCounter (Part 3 of 3): How-to-Setup | SICK AG

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