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Mitsubishi drives (1/3) – FR-A800 Series

Mitsubishi frequency inverters come in several ranges, each offering a solution tailored to your needs. They allow easy control of three-phase or IPM induction motors.

Upcoming events (October 2019)

Find here the details for Drummondville’s Industrial Show, Toronto’s CMTS and Montreal Grand Rendez-Vous SST.

RFID Technology – Turck

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) provides manufacturers quality systems to control automated operations. With this technology, you increase the efficiency and quality of your production.

Telco – Measuring light curtains SpaceScan 02

The SpaceScan 02 is ideal for level control in hoppers of plastic pellets, dry foods like rice, cereals, etc.

QC Conveyors – Here are your next conveyors

Discover our new partnership with QC Conveyors. Click to see the offered products and get your new conveyors quickly with the online setup wizard and fast delivery.

Mitsubishi industrial robots (MELFA)

The robots of the different ranges of Mitsubishi offer unmatched accuracy, speed and ease of integration. Available in the following configurations: Vertical, Horizontal (SCARA), Ceiling (Ultra-Fast) and Micro (Small).

The solution to avoid overheating

Heat, on a beautiful summer day, is enveloping and relaxing. In an enclosure filled with expensive electronic equipment, it can become a stress factor.

Sick deals

Limited time offer

ABB Contactors – product of the week

Cette gamme est aujourd’hui reconnue comme une référence sur le

SMC Suction Cups

Perfect usability with film wrapped products that change shape when lifting. The skirt of the suction cup adapts easily to different materials.

Are you using the best guarding system on the market?

SaTech Safety Guarding is the most effective modular guarding system in North America. This product is the #1 choice by our customers for many reasons.

The chat is back online!

Feel free to come chat with us on the live chat tool.

LBK System – Inxpect

The first volumetric radar certified SIL2 / Pld as a security system.

Helios 2T detector for industrial doors

The Helios 2T Industrial Door Detector combines two types of detection. It is an AIR presence detector (active infrared) coupled with a radar motion detector.

Sick training – Industry 4.0

Last week, we attended Sick Industry 4.0 training.

Microwave motion detector for industrial doors

Herkules 2E microwave motion detector   The Herkules 2E is an advanced logical motion sensor with proven radar. It is designed and manufactured by BBC Bircher Smart Access.

PSTX softstarter : “The advanced range”

PSTX softstarter   The PSTX Softstart is ABB’s latest range of soft starters. This line innovates in terms of engine protection and control, offering several new features, including increased reliability.

7 advantages of W16 and W26 sensors

Connaissez-vous un capteur qui permet une détection idéale pour toutes les applications?

New and relevant tools to find the RIGHT product

If you often visit our web page, you will have noticed that a new section has just been added. This is a page that will contain several tools to make your work easier and to reduce the time required to search for parts.

Electro-Mag outside sales team

Here is a part of the Electro-Mag outside sales team! Our team travels the roads of Quebec and Ontario to see your applications.

How to properly choose your cable?

Cables are like Pepsi. Everyone sells it and you can buy it everywhere! 

Presentation of the spine of the company: EMPLOYEES

Let’s take the time to let you know a woman who succeeds in improving the customer experience by her professionalism and dynamism. NATHALIE RACINE

Important acquisition in the industrial world

Electromag, a distributor of industrial automation components, is excited to announce its acquisition of JAD Controls of Drummondville and Quebec City, Qc.  effective October 1st 2018. 

Pneumatic safety: a necessity

The VHS Series at SMC is a manual shutoff valve for your pneumatic system.

Driving assistance system for agricultural harvesting vehicles

Crop harvesting will always be an activity in which every helping hand is appreciated. The solutions for improving the efficiency of the harvesting process are therefore like a seed that’s ready to grow. One example of this “technological seed” is the WGS (Windrow Guidance System) from SICK.

Integrating safety laser scanners in a secure network with microscan3

Until now, functional safety technology in automation has mostly been implemented separately from the field buses and the Ethernet networks. But the next generation of microScan3 establishes new standards.